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  • Are Property Prices Set to Tumble

    What goes up has to come down!  The problem is not knowing when property prices are about to fall.  But who does this really affect?  Who are the people that worry and concern about property prices falling? 

    The average homeowner has bought a property to live in, a roof over their family's

  • arrow points to property prices going down

    Homeowners think that house prices are falling

    Many expected the bank base rate to be cut earlier this month due to apprehension over the Brexit decision, this did not happen to the surprise of most.

    The MPC in their July meeting suggested that the committee is considering a broader package of measures, this has given rise to the expe

  • Future for Buy to Let Market

    Future for Buy to Let Market

    The buy to let property market is and always have been led by price. The supply of property in the UK is in demand and always will be (2016), unless there is a mass migration away from the UK! The variables that determine whether a buy to let investor makes a living from their property are compli

  • Seaside Property Prices UK

    Seaside Property Prices UK

    Prices across the UK's coast line are seeing an rise in value above the average cost of a property. The UK's most expensive seaside town is Sandbanks in Dorset, with the average house price there nearly £665,000, according to a report. The property developer who secured land and developed exclusi

  • Land Registry

    Land Registry Missing Deeds / Details

    How common is it for the land registry to have missing deeds for properties that were built before 1900? When I say missing I mean have no record for a property.

    Given the Land Registry was setup in 1854 it's was shocking to hear how so many properties are not actually registered with th